Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So my friend Grace, her youtube name is GraciousGlamours,  from Singapore sent me a birthday present and I just received it today! I have been waiting with anticipation and just posted a video of all the things she sent me on youtube @ myfreewill so check it out! I love everything she got me, EVERY THING was super cute and she was so generous to me. Thanks so much Grace! Here are a couple of pictures, enjoy and have a great memorial day weekend!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outfits of the Day/Night and Random Makeup by me

Hola! So I've totally been really bad at this whole blog thing, my bad! I'm up and it's late, and I'm not tired so here I am to blog a little. So what have I been up to? Not much, really, just working and being a homebody. Hanging out with friends here and there but even when we do hang out it's pretty chill and simple; we're at my house or theirs just watching a movie, talking, eating, laughing, drinking, or all the above. I guess as you get older, less is more; as in you don't really have to do much, like "party," to have a good time all you need is good company.

I haven't had time or been in the mood to make any new youtube videos but here are some pictures of outfits I thought were worth sharing with you all and some makeup goodies of mine. Enjoy and live you life. =)

Cardigan, T.J. Maxx $12; Stripe tank, F21 $4; White Jeans, Wet Seal $10(?); Green purse, Aldo $20-30; Sandals, Target $forgot got them 2 years ago.

Outfit of the night, my friend and I- in the orange. You can do cute & sexy or just plain sexy like those girls in the back.
Cheetah print top, F21; Leggings, F21; Black heels; Target; Orange tank, F21 $3-4; White tank underneath, F21 $2-3; Black skirt, JC Penny's $6-8; Nude peep toe sling back pumps; F21-got them 2 years ago. Cute outfits in the back, random girls in the ladies restroom.

Outfit of the night. Blazer, JC Penny $10?; Polka dot tank, F21 $15; Blue leggings, F21 $8-9; Black heels, Target- got them last year.

Jacket, Marshall's $17-20; T-shirt " Rule no1 Make It Beautiful," F21 $6-10; Jean shorts, Charlotte Russe; Polka dot tights, F21; Brown purse, purchased in France; Oxford flats, H&M; Lipstick, MAC Blooming Lovely-Liberty of London collection.

Gave myself a mani & pedi. Pure Ice nail polishes purchased from Walmart. Green: Free Spirit(LOVE!); Gray: Kiss Me Here.

I did my little sisters(friend of the family) makeup for prom and absolutely loved the color combination! I will do a tutorial of this for sure.