Monday, March 8, 2010

Every girl should have a black blazer.

So as of late, I have been wearing my black blazer almost every weekend! It's so chic, comfortable and keeps me warm w/o having to wear a heavy coat out on the town. It's definitely one of my favorite items at the moment and will probably continue to be until it starts getting warmer. Every girl should have a black blazer in their closest, it's a must have! You can dress up or down with it, and it'll never go out of "style."

Here's my most recent ootd over the past weekend. I attended some bday parties and then went out to celebrate with one of my friends at night for her big 23rd bday. Good times and the weather was gorgeous over the weekend, and has been for almost a whole week! I'm so happy that spring is here and the sun is shining!

Take care!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Girly Girl

OMG so lately I've been a total girly girl and a FOB, for you non-asian's it means fresh off the boat as in totally "ASIAN." LOL, so anyways my bg on my phone has been this cute kawaii japanese pink bg, then I've been wearing lots of pink l/s's and I've just been wearing/doing a lot of girly things and especially shopping for a lot of "girly" things! I mean not that I've never been girly but for a while there ALL I wore was black and white, and most of the time neautral makeup. I don't know what's gotten into me, actually now that I think of it I do know! It's work, at work I can only wear neautral colors and therefore it's played out into my life outside of work.  So sad. Thank goodness for my friend's on youtube like Alexandra(HRHcollection, you can find her on blogspot & youtube) and Grace(graciousglamours on youtube) bc they are so cute, sweet, bubbly and into that cutesy girly stuff  that they've inspired me to come back to Earth. LOL.

And with that being said, I decided to paint my nails pink w/ designs. The designs are totally girly and cutesy, and I absolutely love them! I made a tutorial but it wont be up until later on tonight; since this was my first time painting my nails like this and filming my first nail tutorial, it's probably gonna suck but oh well I tried! =P Also, please don't mind how hit up my nails look, i just took off my acrylic nails last week so they look jacked up! It's gonna take some time for them to heal. But anyways here's a picture of my nails for now.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Blog

My first blog! I created this account maybe a month ago and I'm finally putting it to use. Although I wouldn't consider myself a writer/blogger, in the past when I had a myspace account I did enjoy writing random blogs about different subjects. And in school I always did pretty well on my papers, even though I always did them last minute! So with that being said, I like to write and express myself even though I might not always make sense! My blog is definitely going to be more diverse than what my youtube account consists of. I hope to share my past & future travels with you, my thoughts & views on random subjects/objects, of course fashion & makeup, but definitely expect MORE.

It's super late right now, but I can't sleep bc there are so many things on my mind! So I've been thinking about how amazing the internet is. Yes there are a lot of negatives to it but personally I appreciate it so much bc every since I've been making videos on youtube, I've been opened to a whole new world it seems! Youtube in itself is its own world, blogging, internet stores/sites, just everything; and most of all it's definitely shown me a lot about myself. I've always wanted to LIE(live, inspire, express) and using my youtube account has certainly allowed me to do it. I've made so many friends all over the states and even the world through youtube! The internet is such a great networking and educational tool, and I'm so happy that I've met you all! I hope to continue to learn and share with you all.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week! Spring is in the air and I hope it's here to stay bc I'm tired of the cold & snow!