Friday, March 5, 2010

Girly Girl

OMG so lately I've been a total girly girl and a FOB, for you non-asian's it means fresh off the boat as in totally "ASIAN." LOL, so anyways my bg on my phone has been this cute kawaii japanese pink bg, then I've been wearing lots of pink l/s's and I've just been wearing/doing a lot of girly things and especially shopping for a lot of "girly" things! I mean not that I've never been girly but for a while there ALL I wore was black and white, and most of the time neautral makeup. I don't know what's gotten into me, actually now that I think of it I do know! It's work, at work I can only wear neautral colors and therefore it's played out into my life outside of work.  So sad. Thank goodness for my friend's on youtube like Alexandra(HRHcollection, you can find her on blogspot & youtube) and Grace(graciousglamours on youtube) bc they are so cute, sweet, bubbly and into that cutesy girly stuff  that they've inspired me to come back to Earth. LOL.

And with that being said, I decided to paint my nails pink w/ designs. The designs are totally girly and cutesy, and I absolutely love them! I made a tutorial but it wont be up until later on tonight; since this was my first time painting my nails like this and filming my first nail tutorial, it's probably gonna suck but oh well I tried! =P Also, please don't mind how hit up my nails look, i just took off my acrylic nails last week so they look jacked up! It's gonna take some time for them to heal. But anyways here's a picture of my nails for now.



  1. Loving the nails, I wish I could do that bow design!

  2. Ngawwww! LOL Me tooo >.< Don't know what has gotten into me but I've been feeling so girly girl.. however I still dress like a man LOL .____." Think I'll need to look for a fashion blog LOL! Anything to recommend ? :D