Monday, March 8, 2010

Every girl should have a black blazer.

So as of late, I have been wearing my black blazer almost every weekend! It's so chic, comfortable and keeps me warm w/o having to wear a heavy coat out on the town. It's definitely one of my favorite items at the moment and will probably continue to be until it starts getting warmer. Every girl should have a black blazer in their closest, it's a must have! You can dress up or down with it, and it'll never go out of "style."

Here's my most recent ootd over the past weekend. I attended some bday parties and then went out to celebrate with one of my friends at night for her big 23rd bday. Good times and the weather was gorgeous over the weekend, and has been for almost a whole week! I'm so happy that spring is here and the sun is shining!

Take care!



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  2. hey darling! how are you? im kinda missing you so come back!